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Artist's proof shown here. Subject to final adjustments for actual production prints.


Melissa: the Operator - Anniversary

archival digital print on watercolor paper, 13 x 19 inches
open edition, limited time


Based on the original art I created in 2004 for the Child's Play Charity Dinner Auction, this is an update (an HD upgrade, if you will) to coincide with the recent release of Halo 2: Anniversary. As in 2004, 50% of all proceeds from the sale of this print will be donated to Child's Play. 

Shipping is $10 flat for all domestic and $35 for all international orders. See below for details.

More about the original and tenth anniversary editions here.


To celebrate, commemorate, and commiserate on the amazing, adventurous 10 year run of monthly live shows, recently ended with the final shows at Largo in Los Angeles and the tour of Australia and New Zealand, I have here collected all of the poster designs I've done for the show, up for sale as artist prints. The New York print has been available before, but this is the first time the others have been produced like this, archival watercolor-paper prints at 13x19 inches.

The Thrilling Adventure Hour at New York Comic Con 2014
Artist Edition Print

archival digital print on watercolor paper, 13 x 19 inches
edition limited to 35 prints total


The Thrilling Adventure Hour is a live show (recorded for a weekly podcast) in the style of old time radio, performed at the Largo theater in Hollywood. They take the show on the road from time to time and I have been fortunate enough to become involved in creating promotional material for these away shows. This design was used for their New York Comic Con events as a schedule card and small poster. I've produced it here as an Artist Edition Print on archival watercolor paper at 13 x 19 inches, limited to a run of 35 prints.

POW! Martian Plains Edition Poster
Artist Edition Print

archival digital print on watercolor paper, 13 x 19 inches
edition limited to 35 prints total


A tribute to everyone's favorite Marshal on Mars, Sparks Nevada. On the off chance you don't know, this is a line from the theme song, always sung live by the stage performers and the audience at the start of every show. The pure childlike joy of yelling POW! at the top of your lungs in a full theater is rare and wondrous, and I felt it deserved its own tribute.

This is the poster variation on the POW! design I made that the show's producers printed as a t-shirt.

TAH Down Under Travel Poster
Artist Edition Print

archival digital print on watercolor paper, 13 x 19 inches
edition limited to 35 prints total


The Thrilling Adventure Hour hit the road again in 2015, this time for their first Australian tour, and I got to help them out by designing some posters and other supporting graphics for the tour.

This is the "Travel Poster" made to announce the tour to fans. Produced here exclusively by me the designer, as an archival printed poster.

TAH Down Under Cast Poster

archival digital print on watercolor paper, 13 x 19 inches
edition limited to 35 prints total


The "Cast Poster" of the Down Under Tour for The Thrilling Adventure Hour. With "Old Hollywood" style headshots of the entire traveling cast (with bonus Acker and Blacker heads!). I’m told that the Australian dates were the last live shows they’re going to be doing. I hope that doesn’t mean what it sounds like, but if if it does, then these may turn out to be among the last things I ever get to make for them.

Produced here exclusively as an archival quality print poster.

The Thrilling Adventure Hour Poster Collection
Artist Edition Prints

$105 (save $35!)

Every traveling event poster I've designed for Workjuice, plus the POW! poster! Collected together and dealified for the true, dyed-in-the-wool Adventurekateer. 

Purchased separately, these prints would normally total $140, but I've rounded them up here in a sort of buy-3-get-1-free kind of arrangement. 

All prints are signed by the designer, which obviously makes them extra valuable, of course. Oh, and just $10 for domestic shipping for the whole caboodle, Noodle. Buy two! Give them as gifts!


The shopping cart system I have put in place uses the PayPal online payment system so I can take credit cards and generally offer more flexible payment options. It's a simple system, and you don't even have to be a member of PayPal to use it.

If you would like to request other payment arrangements, drop me a line and we can probably work something out.


All images are printed using archival inks on high-quality, matte-finish watercolor paper. Having tested a range of papers, I can personally attest to this specialty paper. Colors are vibrant and bright, and I have never seen richer blacks. Good stuff.


I used to have a flat rate of $10 to anywhere, but postal rates have skyrocketed in the last decade and I just got back from spending $30 to get a package to Canada. So, my apologies to the people of the World Outside the U.S., but mailing things has gotten expensive.

I have discovered that between the packaging and shipping costs, the system I had in place simply wasn't covering the real expense. So, for now shipping is a flat $10.00 per order for domestic (inside the United States), and $35 for international orders, across the board, regardless of the number of prints ordered. On the plus side, this means that if you want multiple prints, the shipping cost stays the same regardless of the number ordered.

Know that I am researching more sophisticated systems to deal with international shipping that will hopefully result in more options, some of which may be less expensive. Fingers crossed.


All prints will be shipped flat for domestic (U.S.) orders, and sent by Priority Mail when possible. International orders are shipped First Class, and loosely rolled into triangular mailing tubes (international mailing is rougher on flat-shipped packaging, and a LOT more expensive).

I take great care to ensure that your package is securely and safely packed to prevent damage in the mail. However, please understand that neither I nor Living Lightning (my design company) can be held responsible for possible damage claims as a result of shipping. I may be adding a mailing insurance option in the future.


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