Logo design for Texas Garage Condos, a fancy automotive condominium space in San Antonio, Texas. Adobe Illustrator. Via Rigney Graphics.

TexasGarage-logo on site signage.jpg
TexasGarage-logo ice logo.jpg

Logo design for Folk Management Group (via Rigney Graphics). Adobe Illustrator.

FOLK wall signage.jpg
foul-territory on ipad.jpg

Logo and website design for the Foul Territory Baseball podcast. Via Rigney Graphics.

Logo design for Ladykiller Productions, for "i <3 comic art", an indie-comics art show in Seattle running during Emerald City Comic-Con.

And a Facebook cover arrangement for the i <3 comic art logo.

results-biglogo square.jpg

Logo series for TavernCast, a popular podcast about World of Warcraft.

sample-vista logo.jpg