above: Infographic for an e-book publisher, demonstrating how far the technology of publishing and distributing words and pictures has come. 

below: A horizontal summary graphic version of the same data set, for use in social posting, marketing materials, and so forth. 

below: Illustrating the changes in a neighborhood – in the space itself, the people, tone, and the overall usage profile – resulting from converting a traditional parking structure to an underground robotic parking solution, recovering and repurposing above-ground space.

below: Infographic posters for a treatment office, illustrating principles and techniques for correcting non-optimal organ/endocrine system conditions.

below: Created for a German-themed restaurant in Helen, GA, this map was intended to show the general political and social arrangement of Central Europe in the century prior to World War I. 

below: An informational map graphic created as a poster and handout for the Sesquicentennial Anniversary of Alpharetta, GA.