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Thank you, Mr. Stark. o7

The Thrilling Adventure Hour is a stage-produced comedy fiction serial made in the style of old time radio. One of the main characters, Sparks Nevada, who is the marshal on Mars, has a pair of robot fists. Which he uses to dispense justice on the red planet. Naturally. And he has a theme song, which the audience sings along to, so that at the appropriate moment in the song everyone yells, "POW!"

There's a podcast of the shows if you'd like some context to that silliness. Anyway, I made this design as a fan of the show, and the Thrilling Adventure creators liked it so much they made a t-shirt out of it!

Below: A series of posters and supporting graphics for The Thrilling Adventure Hour, as it traveled and toured to New York, Australia, New Zealand, San Diego Comic-Con, and other exotic locales!

Melissa, The Operator

This is a piece of Halo-related character art for the hugely popular ARG called ilovebees; this is my interpretation of the main character, Melissa, an AI from about five hundred years in the future who had found herself thrown back in time, fragmented and confused. I envisioned her as a hologram with endless connections to communication systems throughout her UNSC intelligence vessel, the Apocalypso. The full story on this art and the ilovebees ARG can be found here. Melissa is one hundred percent Adobe Illustrator.


Key art and six-foot standee layout for  Witchblade , the movie.

Key art and six-foot standee layout for Witchblade, the movie.

Witchblade standee and poster

Standing about 6 feet tall, this life-size standee was produced to help pre-sell international distribution rights and drum up buzz for a potential Witchblade movie. The campaign was successful – rights were secured and buzz was generated – although the movie never got made. Such is Hollywood sometimes.

Since this is pre-production art, i.e., the movie hadn't begun to get made yet, I had to invent it from nothing. I composited a photo (the head and torso), a 3D render (legs and feet), and pure Photoshop illustration (for the Witchblade forearm itself).

Key art and logo design for a comic about Shakespearean characters come to life and committing crimes in the noir style.

Key art and logo design for a comic about Shakespearean characters come to life and committing crimes in the noir style.

Vector illustration layout for the holiday card that year, featuring the cartoon mascots reclining in traditional Southern California wintery style.

Vector illustration layout for the holiday card that year, featuring the cartoon mascots reclining in traditional Southern California wintery style.

Below: More Witchblade. This time a series of versions for an ad announcing the Witchblade comic series' coming to the WOWIO e-book publishing platform. I re-modeled some flat art from the comic to give it some depth and dimension, and built the ad around the new key art. Illustrator for modeling graphical elements; Photoshop for compositing, effects, and re-finishing the art; InDesign for type/page layout and PDF output.

Below: Cover design for Better World Stories, an anthology short story collection for a small publisher. Photography for the pages, Illustrator for the globe, Photoshop for compositing and finishing.

Wraparound cover art and layout for a short story anthology. Click to enlarge.

And without the type layer. Click to enlarge.

game-related graphics

antigenic drift

(in-game UI, board and character design, animation)

Antigenic Drift (development still in progress) is a game where the player defends the Earth's satellite defense grid against incursion by an alien intelligence, who is attacking by sending virus code to infect the satellites and take them over. The orbital UI allows the player to spin the globe and attendant satellites so he can quickly find which have become infected. Once isolated, the player fights the infection on the circuit grid of the satellite itself by surrounding and isolating the infecting elements. UI and board design work done in Illustrator. Virus art and animated GIF in Photoshop.


(LOGO/BRANDING, character and ship design, playtesting)

AIR is a world-building project themed around a fantasy steampunk-styled version of Earth. My work on it includes the logo, website design elements and typographic branding, and character concepting and illustration work. 

Below: AIR logo, which is suitably overly-complicated to fit the steampunk aesthetic of the game itself. The major theme of AIR is airship combat and crew management, so I went with a cast iron look for the type and a flying machine motif for the supporting graphics. Illustrator for the design phase (a hundred versions and variations or so) and Photoshop for finishing.


Below: Character designs for AIR. The boardgame has cards for characters, combat stats, and so forth, and these are works showing various stages of progress for the card illustrations.

Below: Design elements for the company's website. Illustrator and Photoshop, exported to web-ready assets.


My World of Warcraft guild, The Pod People, was formed back in 2005 by a collection of popular podcasters (Taverncast, World of Warcast, and others), wanting to play the game with each other and their listeners. In 2015 we celebrated our 10th anniversary by renting a house in Anaheim for Blizzcon. We did it again in 2016; apparently it's a tradition now. Over the years I've designed a number of logos and special event treatments for the guild, to use on t-shirts and mugs. Here are some of my favorites. Illustrator for the design work, Photoshop for finishing and asset output (to web and print).

Below: A self portrait of my Warcraft character, Scruffi. Done as part of a Winter Veil holiday guild event promotion.

Below: We like to run our own holiday events in my guild, so I made a series of quests during our guild anniversary month a few years ago. Sort of a weeks-long scavenger hunt culminating in an all-out brawl where we all got to kill each other in the arena. Very therapeutic.

Below: Another piece of Scruffi art, this time in Illustrator, accompanied by notes about the process. I loved that gun.


Click to embiggen.


A game world construction project, including character designs, world building, rules and game design, mapping, type design and digital calligraphy, and really everything that goes into creating a playable world.

This started as a tabletop campaign many years ago, and eventually became an exercise in creating a commercial game product. Everything here was built in Illustrator; the map files are zoomable to street level and individual houses and buildings. Impractical, but fun to make.

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I want to recommend Allen to anyone who wants the pleasure of working with a true professional – perfect execution, detailed, timely, and artistry he brings to the table. He’s worth any time spent with him on art and logo projects.
— Michael Manoogian, World-Class Logo Designer and Art Director (