Baxter-illo-expanded sat-r1v3 notype webcrop 900px.jpg

Recent illustration work for Baxter Research, a California-based research service. The work was done in Photoshop (for the initial sketching and roughs) and Illustrator (for the actual vector art and type design).

The work started with some research of my own, gathering references for the van and the kind of courthouse building they had in mind. In addition to photographic references, I used some 3D models in SketchUp to pose the assets and do the initial quick thumbnails.


Once I went through a few rounds of grey scale wireframes, figuring out the positions and angles, layering in the background and foreground elements, I started matching the key colors of the client’s brand and deriving an overall color palette. The goal was making sure everything felt like it had depth and the key elements popped for the viewer, and that the logo was always a focus of the artwork, whether it included the background or just the van isolated.


The result is a piece of scalable vector art that can be used as small as a business card or as large as the side of a building, or a large format convention booth.