Any “journalist” who trots out that Steve Jobs quote about no one wanting a stylus — from 9 years ago, for a 3.5 inch device, when a stylus was a sharpened piece of plastic with no technology inside — to denigrate the announcement of iPad Pro + Apple Pencil is a short-sighted hack who doesn’t understand context, how technology changes over time, or how a company develops products for specialty uses after their products reach a certain popular critical mass. 

Anyone looking at the Pencil and thinking, “Big deal”: It’s not for you. Don’t buy it. 

Pencil is for exactly the kind of professional user that they SHOWED it being used by. Artists, designers, digital painters, etc. Are you one of those? Pencil could be pretty great. Are you not one of those? Give it a pass. Don’t buy it. Stick with the regular iPad for your media and web, or your phone. 

The reaction from the pros for which it is intended? Lots of want. They will sell a lot of them to this specialized market.

The reaction from hack web writers trolling for clicks? Snark, cynicism and dismissal. 

The only market that has a leg to stand on for feeling self-satisfied is the Surface Pro crowd.

There are going to be advantages to that model (runs Windows proper) that iPad will not be able to duplicate. That said, iPad Pro will have other advantages (specialized software built to purpose, doesn’t run Windows proper). It will depend on how you look at it, the same way it depends on how you look at it right now.

Frankly, Surface is the only Windows machine that has ever really tempted me to purchase (that and the Wacom Companion which is a higher-end version of the same tech). If you need Photoshop and Illustrator, then you need a real PC regardless, and the iPad Pro will never be for you. If you have one and you love it, great. Stick with it.

Me, I'm planning on getting the iPad Pro and Pencil when they come out. I've wanted a good portable drawing platform for years. I'll let you know what I think.