More Thrilling Adventure Hour stuff. This is a bit of an in-joke. You see, the one character, Sparks Nevada, who is the marshal on Mars, has a pair of robot fists. Which he uses to dispense justice on the red planet. Naturally.

So, TAH had a 9th anniversary show a few weeks ago (happy birthday, guys!) which I went to, and every time the robot fists were mentioned, the audience went "POW!" Naturally. 

Anyway, I got this idea into my head and this is the result. I confess I'd love to see this become an official t-shirt design for TAH. Actually, I'd love to do TONS of art/posters/design work for them – it really is a bottomless well of inspiration, and a fun universe to poke around in. 

Pretty happy with the way the weathering and scratches turned out. It's the Martian Old West, so it'd be a bit beat up, I reckon.