There's a fine line between fan and stalker, and ever since I was introduced to The Thrilling Adventure Hour last year (my brother got me into a live show at San Diego Comic-Con for my birthday, as well as the meet-and-greet afterward) I've been edging ever closer to it, I think. I've listened to the podcast completely through once (and a half), intertweeted with the WorkJuice Players online, and got the opportunity to do actual work for them at Emerald City Comicon; some design work in the form of scheduling postcards and Web graphics in support of their various signings and live shows during the convention – including an epic crossover event with the Welcome to Night Vale podcast, which has developed a certain degree of popularity itself, I'm lead to understand.

This work (through Ladykiller Productions - hi Danielle!) resulted in getting to go to all of said events, and getting to meet pretty much everyone a good few times. By Sunday they must have been getting worried that I just Kept. Showing. Up.

If they were concerned, though, they never indicated, as they were always gracious and accommodating and friendly. 

If you find yourself with the chance, I strongly recommend catching them live (I make them sound like butterflies, but do forego the pins, and I promise you booze will entice more effectively than chloroform). They have shows upcoming in Chicago and New York, and they play the Largo in Los Angeles every month. 

Here's a little something I got to throw together for them for the Chicago show at C2E2


Acker & Blacker present... The Thrilling Adventure Hour C2E2 Postcard!