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I'm into nerdy things, art and illustration, design nerdery, typography, cartoons, etc. Grew up on Simonson's Thor, Layton's Iron Man, and Byrne & Claremont's X-Men.

After high school, I spent a lot of time in Athens, Georgia, getting into the music scene and the wonderful graphics and drawings that went into the band flyers and gig posters that wallpapered the town. My friends and I would actually scour the campus and downtown collecting the best ones. Sort of my first foray into researching graphic design. I also did my first cartoons and designs here, promoting parties and events, and a set of logos for Wuxtry Comics (which they did not use — ah well, it's valuable to get used to rejection in this line of work, too).

Currently I find I'm swinging back around to my first love of artwork, and concentrating on combining type and graphic design with illustrative visuals. This is showing up as design work for game companies and even concept art and character design. It's fascinating figuring out ways to apply my whole skillset to new forms and expressions. 

Always a new horizon.